Yacht Management

Owning a yacht is a dream for many people, and most yacht owners are aware that alongside the delights of sailing, often there are so many jobs to be done to ensure the boat is seaworthy, safe and fully-prepared for a sail, that the amount of time spent sailing is reduced because of the repair and maintenance that needs to be done.

For boat owners who live some distance from their marina, an additional concern can be to ensure that their yacht is safe and secure always.

As we are based in Marina Papagayo, overlooking the piers, we will ensure that a watchful eye is kept on your yacht always providing the yacht management services which include:

  • Arrange, oversee and/or conduct all routine and exceptional maintenance and servicing as much or as little as you require
  • Arrange, complete and oversee fault-finding and repair or yacht refits
  • Prepare the yacht for use so you can simply turn up and go sailing.  This can include cleaning, refueling and managing any work you identify whilst out sailing

We select and work with reputable local companies to ensure that the quality of all yacht maintenance is maintained and completed satisfactoridly.

How do we work?

Simply choose Marina Charters to oversee your yacht for a monthly fee and we will look after your boat for you and prepare her for your use as briefly described above.

If you would like to join our Yacht Charter Management program your yacht will be added to our charter fleet in which case you will receive all of the benefits of the Yacht Management Scheme and we will also pay you an income for any yacht charter use.

How much Income can I expect from Yacht Charter?

Typically chartering your boat will generate enough income to cover most of costs arising from yacht ownership and in some years, you may generate an income from your yacht charters. We don’t promise an income level, but we will happily show you the accounts of our current yacht charter fleet most closely resembling the boat that you are considering placing with us.

We pride ourselves on the standard of our charter yachts. Any boat under our yacht charter management scheme must comply with safety legislation and will follow a rigorous maintenance and cleaning schedule.

We will always be pleased to help with any queries or investigations that you may have concerning your yacht, equipment or sailing generally, and access to our 24-hour emergency phone number, available to you whenever you are sailing.

We are conscious that we are responsible for your pride and joy, that you own her, and that you have first call on her use. We make every effort to respect your wishes concerning her and to maintain her in at least as good, if not better, condition than when she joined our fleet.

Marina Condos

The marina condos have magnificent view towards the marina docks or to beautiful green areas so you can either have the feeling of being in the ocean or in the jungle!

You can enjoy the communal areas such as pool, gymnasium, the Dive Bar restaurant, a conference room, and a tv room. In addition to these great areas you can spend wonderful time at Hyatt Andaz or at Four Seasons Resorts by paying a day pass or just having a tasteful meal in any of their restaurants!

If you require yatch management, we will be happy to provide a tailored quote to meet your specific requirements. For more information please contact us on reservations@pexs.cr; or call us to our office: (506) 2665 8746 – US Line: 407 557 8717

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Extra Adventures

Adventures by request

Enjoy the following activities by request or add them to your adventure !! Paddle Boarding, Scuba Diving, Beach Picknic, Skying, Cruising, Group Charter Planning and Santa Rosa National Park Expedition!!